an authentic experience of place.

an authentic experience of place.


Located in the outskirts of Preveza, on an under-the-radar stretch of Greece’s coastline, Meraviglia Slow Living is a new form of intimate, immersive, and elevated retreat experience, a place where guests are reminded of the value of life and the power of nature to revitalise.


Gazing out over the silvery blue Ionian Sea towards the islands of Lefkada and Paxos, Meraviglia Slow Living with its seven luxurious, yet low-key and low-footprint suites, is designed to reflect its exquisite natural setting and focused on delivering true quality of service with an enveloping sense of community.

Aris Tzimas, Vision


Having lived in Preveza for most of his life, Aris Tzimas, our founder and host, spent twenty years building and managing one of the region’s largest industrial construction firms before realising his lifelong dream: to create “a holiday destination unlike any other in north-western Greece”.


A seaside retreat of “incomparable beauty, stunning architecture and design that promotes and preserves the culture, traditions and environment it is based in”, Aris explains, “and an initiative with a clear purpose to support the local community”.



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